Long-term planning and 策略 are paramount to an organization’s future, so are the day-to-day support functions of overall financial management. DWC’s 银河官网app下载会计服务 (CAS) provides outsourced accounting support to bolster your in-house resources, 或者作为你的会计部门. 我们将技术结合在一起, 人, and expertise to help your business thrive and be better prepared for an everchanging and complex business environment.

除了基本的合规, 记账, 和工资函数, CAS合并了管理会计和咨询, which is typically in the purview of a higher-level accounting team consisting of a controller and 首席财务官. Outsourcing with DWC can give your business a leg up without having to pay and manage additional internal staff.


  • 一个集中, 非常高效。, and dedicated team of professionals who keep you on top of required compliance, 监管改革, 和行业问题,
  • 金融情报, 洞察力, 以及商业规划方面的建议, 策略, performance and profitability to help create opportunities and set a path for success,
  • Cohesive accounting systems installation and design for simple or complex businesses with convenient and safe cloud-based technology,
  • 虚拟合作可以帮你节省时间,
  • Risk management to minimize your exposure to adversity and realize opportunity.

We realize every business is unique in size, revenue, and growth stage. We provide economical pricing for services scaled to fit your needs and budget.

  • A/R和A/P技术和工艺改进
  • A/R和A/P管理
  • 财务报表及管理报告
  • Payroll prep, monthly/quarterly payroll tax filings, and W-2’s
  • 薪资流程效率和合规性审查
  • 对工作人员和内部控制进行初步评估
  • 交易处理和银行对账单
  • 会计评价和改进的图表
  • 审核并确认每月总账记录
  • Review and approve monthly reconciliation of bank and investment accounts
  • Monitor bank transactions via online banking applications
  • QuickBooks® software set-up, training, and consulting provided by QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisors
  • Institute internal controls as needed and train staff as needed
  • 费用管理
  • Fixed asset management , including business personal property tax reporting assist
  • 关键性能指标(kpi)的仪表板创建
  • Prepare complete set of monthly financial statements and review them with management
  • Prepare cash flow projections and manage cash flows as necessary
  • Negotiate with major supplier and vendors on your behalf
  • Meet with the board of directors or owners quarterly to review results of operations
  • Participate in annual review of accounting personnel and provide input regarding compensation adjustments
  • 咨询和分析减少税务风险的方法, 启动增长机遇, and techniques to determine and maintain financial health
  • 准备和监督年度预算
  • Preparation of workpapers and analysis for annual financial statement auditors
  • Be available to meet with bankers, attorneys, or other advisors as needed
  • Assist with negotiation of office lease and related analysis
  • 财务预测
  • 盈亏平衡分析
  • 债务分析
  • 收入确认



Of all industries, healthcare gets hit with more than its share of 监管改革. Consider the challenges that 克里斯•托马斯他是峡谷景外科中心的董事会成员 (CVASC), sees. 托收和应收账款是困难的. Medicare processes are laborious with billing and coding. 保险 companies are problematic during the coverage approval process. 他们都要求越来越多的文书工作.

The financial operations side of CVASC became a challenge to ensure timely turnaround and accuracy in accounts receivable, 应付款项, 现金流管理, 对账, 及财务报表编制. The Surgery Center was outsourcing much of this work to non-local vendors to prevent overburdening or adding to the cost of internal resources.

“We decided it was best for us to outsource this critical controller function to local experts who do this every day. We looked to Dalby Wendland because we believe the patient is still ‘us.’ We are very protective of our organization and our patients. It was important to have a partner we trust and have confidence in. 向Dalby Wendland的过渡是天衣无缝的. 一切都在正轨上, 转变是及时的, 精度提高了, and our board and leadership have relevant information for ongoing planning.”



The 大结落基山脉 hired multiple full and part-time financial operations staff when first arriving in 大结 to help with their business process tasks. They found that being a seasonal organization and a unique business model was a challenge for their finance staff, 留给他们不一致的东西, 缺乏财务控制, and unsuitable financials that were needed to develop proper budgets and reports to the organization’s management and owners.

七年前, Dalby Wendland’s 银河官网app下载会计服务’ team began providing cash management controls and consulting to help improve the financials. 今天, DWC serves as their business manager providing outsourced business process functions for the GJ Rockies organization, working closely with the general manager and president with budgeting and cash flow forecasting, as well as meeting with the organization’s owners for continued financial analysis and consulting.

“Our management now concentrates on providing family-friendly fun for the 大结 community. We found a local, experienced partner that knows our business. 我们的财务后台办公室精简高效, 让我们能专注于球迷, 保持成本负担得起的, and support the players so they are engaged in a great community.”


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